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This magnetic LED flashlight is great for picking up magnetic items stuck in hard to see and reach places. The flex-head flashlight allows you to extend from 6.5" to 21.5" Specifications: One flex head flashlight & magnetic pick-up tool - 3 Super Bright LED lights - Aluminum body has knurled surface for a safe grip - Hex head keeps flashlight from rolling off your work table - Folded Size: 6.5" - Assorted Colors: Black, Blue, Silver and Camo - Requires (4) "AG13" batteries (batteries are included)

  • Telescopes from 6.5" to 21.5", Flexible shaft easily reaches cramped and confined spaces
  • You will receive one flashlight per unit ordered
  • 3 Super-Bright LEDs provide bright, clear light
  • LEDs use very little energy, prolonging battery life
  • Solid state LEDs typically have a life span of 10+ years
  • Note: Flashlight comes in multiple colors, so the color you receive may vary. If you have a preference, tell us in the order notes and we'll try our best to make it happen.
Sold Out
$9.99 + $0.00 shipping

Telescoping 3 LED Flex-Head Flashlight Magnetic Pickup Tool

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